Susie Son

Hey there! My name is Susie. Nice to meet you.

Click anywhere on the page. I dare you. Also, check out Androidify!


I'm currently a 2A Mathematics student at the University of Waterloo.

Right now, I have the really cool job of testing Android apps at QuickTapSurvey. I'm learning a lot about the Android development process from a company perspective.

I'm extremely passionate about Android development. I made this website to share my cool experiences with Android!

Although this website is still in development, feel free to look around (who knows, maybe you'll even like it here).


A portfolio of Android apps and other related projects that I created to this day.

Popular Movies

An app that allows users to discover movies.

Built for Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree on August 2018 with Android.

Sandwich Club

An app that displays different types of sandwiches.

Built for Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree on July 2018 with Android.

Amazing Maze

An educational game that teaches boolean algebra, math, and biology.

Built for ICS 4U0 Final on May 2017 with Java and LibGDX.


An online food cooking website. Someone cooks the food, someone wants to eat!

Built for Hack The 6ix 2017 on August 2017 with Javascript, CSS, HTML, and React.


A universal notification API.

Built for HackPrinceton Spring 2018 on April 2018 with React Native, StdLib, and Firebase.


I'm super easy to find. Check me out!